Listing Requirements

In order to list an Adult Dog or Older Puppy on the ABTC Breeder Listing website, the following requirements must be met:


Membership Requirements

The person placing the listing must be a regular ABTC member in good standing.   ABTC members have signed the ABTC Code of Ethics.  No information will be listed on the website for associate ABTC members and non ABTC members. Member making the listing will reaffirm their commitment to the ABTC Code of Ethics and assume responsibility for this dog in the future if a placement does not work out. The dog is to be placed in its new home with a contract that provides this type of protection. 


Dogs that Can be Listed

  • Dog must be from a documented breeding and come with registration papers.
  • Dog is currently residing with the owner of record, the breeder, stud dog owner or home designated by one of the aforementioned.
  • Dog will be placed with its AKC papers. In rare instances, the breeder or stud dog owner may retrieve a Tervuren from their breeding and not be able to obtain the registration papers from the owner of record. In this instance, they will be allowed to list this dog provided all other conditions are met. However, they must be able to document their legal right to have possession of this dog and to place it. A signed release from the owner is required.
  • Dog will be in a safe situation, have a well documented history, be up to date with vaccinations, and will remain under the lifetime protection required of members by the ABTC Code of Ethics.


Adult Dog/Older Puppy Ownership

  • Lister must have legal ownership of the dog to be listed. This can be documented in one of the following ways:
    • AKC registration papers for the dog to be listed are currently in the listers name.
    • AKC registration papers for the dog to be listed have been signed off on giving ownership to the lister.
    • If AKC papers are not available, a signed release from the previous owner giving ownership to the member is required.
  • A copy of the documentation of legal ownership must be sent to Eileen Hudak.
  • If the member doing the listing is not the breeder but the legal owner, and the breeder is a member of ABTC, the lister must have the permission of the breeder to list this dog if their contract with the breeder in any way gives the breeder rights to have the dog returned to them should the owner not be able to keep the dog. If a written release from the breeder allowing the posting is not received, the breeder will contacted to ensure that there is no violation of any written agreement between the owner and the breeder.


Website Listings

Website URLs will not be listed


Required Content for Listing an Adult Dog or Older Puppy

  1. Name of Regular Member Listing Dog
  2. State
  3. Email
  4. Phone Number (Will only be published on website if requested)
  5. Registered name of dog
  6. Call Name
  7. Registration Number
  8. Date of Birth
  9. Sex and whether or not dog is altered
  10. Health Clearances if available (OFA, CERF, etc.)
  11. Sire and Dam
  12. Breeder
  13. Reason Dog is being placed
  14. Brief description of temperament (friendly, shy, good with kids, good with other dogs/cats etc.)
  15. Health/Vaccination Status


Governance of the Litter Listing Service

The ABTC Breeder Referral Committee reserves the right to refuse to list any adult dog or older puppy, as well as the right to remove a listing for non-compliance or falsification of the Breed Adult Dog Listing Website Listing. Submittals that fall in a grey area will be referred to the ABTC Board of Directors for decision. 

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