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Limited offer!!


  We are planning, hoping and preparing to take tissue samples at the 2014 ABTC National for the Gastric Cancer research.  Plans and dates are not firm yet, but there is a hope that Dr. Elizabeth McNiel of Tufts will be able to attend for a day or two. In preperation for this and covering any necessary expenses, we have put together a fundraiser that will pay necessary expenses also bring a smile to YOUR face!


  Follow this link to purchase a metal cuff bracelet that will be made with 3-4 photos of YOUR CHOICE! I have one and I love it!

  Bracelets can only be ordered now through January 2014.  Order quickly and you may still get before Christmas!


  Once again, Kate Stephenson has outdone herself on preparing this site! Thank you, Kate!!

  Please share!

Thank you all for your support!

Code of Ethics

Approved by the membership of the American Belgian Tervuren Club in 1999 and effective October 15, 2001, this Code of Ethics was initiated by our members to help insure the future of the breed. The Code of Ethics is a MANDATORY code which applies to all members in good standing.

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